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Under the order of the restructuring of state-owned enterprises, Zhengzhou Cable (Group) Co., Ltd. (formerly Zhengzhou Cable Factory), a large state-owned enterprise with nea...

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  • CHINAStanding Director Unit of Building Electricity Branch ofChina Architectural Soci

  • CHINAChina Building Electrical Design Technical Cooperation and Information Exchange

  • Henan ProvinceExecutive Director Unit of Henan Construction Electrical Technology Information

  • Henan ProvinceVice President Unit of Henan Home Building Material Quality Inspection Associati

  • Henan ProvinceDirector Unit of Henan Architectural Decoration Association

  • Zhengzhou CitySecretary Unit of Zhengzhou Home Decoration Design Chamber of Commerce

  • Henan ProvinceDirector Unit of Henan Provincial Display Art Association

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